Ask Ping!

Ask Ping!

May 17, 2013 8:30am


Saw a photo of you riding recently and I was shocked to see what a lard ass you’ve turned into. You are number 101, right? Not exactly the model civil servant, bro. Hit the treadmill.



  • Seriously, this isn’t me.

Wow. I know I’ve got a reputation for liking ice cream, and rightfully so, but that photo is just insulting. I don’t know who this round mound of undeveloped muscle is but I’m pretty sure Troy Lee Designs doesn’t make a black one-piece coverall gear set so you can rest assured that it isn’t me. I’d like to take a second and tip my cap to the folks at Honda for making a motorcycle than can stand up to the beating that this guy is putting on that CRF on the regular. Respect.



Hey Ping,

A while back my wife and I were in the garage cleaning up and she temporarily sat some stuff on the seat of my dirt bike. I turned around and saw this and got a little upset and kind of yelled a bit. After I cooled off I apologize for yelling and she apologized for doing it & I thought that was the end of it. The next time I went riding my seat was so slick I could not keep my but on the seat. Every corner I was almost sliding of the bike I didn't know what was going on I. figured it was from the stuff my wife had sat on my seat. I finally stopped and rubbed dirt all over my seat to fix the problem. When I got home I was telling her about my ride and what had happened and she started laughing. Well, I guess she felt bad & being the wonder wife she is she had cleaned my seat without telling me. I laughed too. I guess I shouldn't have gotten upset to begin with.





It sounds like you have some anger management issues to start with. Sorry, but if you are blowing up on your wife for setting something on the seat of your bike you have some very deep-seeded issues my friend. Maybe mommy didn’t make you pancakes enough or she was too rough when she wiped your bum… I’m not sure. But don’t take it out on your loving wife who was just HELPING YOU CLEAN YOUR GARAGE! While a nice coat of Pledge on your seat is definitely a bummer if that is the only thing you can gripe about in your marriage I think you should go out and buy your wife some flowers immediately. You have a keeper, Rich. Take care of her.



Hello Ping

I enjoy your answers every week and like your perspective on all things Moto.  I have a question regarding Adam C's pro debut this week -- specifically his eligibility.  What races/results qualified him for Hangtown?

I know that the kids nowadays have to earn points to make it into the show on the weekends.  Did Adam have a special pass, or was his Supermini results enough to get him in?

Look forward to your response and perspective...


Joe Hurd




  • Your next Pro Circuit champion.

This has always been a little bit of a grey area. Amateur riders with manufacturer support somehow find themselves going around the rules that are put in place for the safety of the pro riders. The idea is to make sure riders are experienced enough and talented enough to keep from whiskey throttling into the grandstands on their first lap. Some years injuries thin the field way out and riders who normally wouldn’t qualify for the night show find themselves lined up next to Ryan Villopoto in the main event. I’ve been to some supercross rounds [yeah, I’m talking about you Minneapolis] where the fillers in the 450 class were so bad they weren’t even jumping the triples. The AMA usually does the right thing and respectfully suggests that they try again next year. And then they make some awesome jokes through their headphones at the rider’s expense.

In Adam Cianciarulo’s case, and other amateur stars like him, they have already proved they are more than capable. I don’t think anybody is worried that AC won’t be able to jump the step-up at Hangtown this weekend.

Starting next season riders will have to score points at two Arenacross rounds and that will be mandatory. The next wave of amateur standouts won’t be able to skirt that rule.



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