Hahn, Durham, Baggett on DMXS Radio

May 15, 2013 3:40pm
GEICO’s Wil Hahn was on a roll after wrapping up the 250 West SX title in dramatic fashion in Vegas, but the practice crash in Sin City proved costly and required surgery on his hand.  He’ll have to watch the first several rounds from the other side of the fence while mending his wounded flipper.  You just knew we were going to have him on for an extended celebration on the championship.

Pro Circuit’s Blake Baggett was the perfect predator last summer on his way to the 250 outdoor title.  His late moto charges were legendary as he systematically stalked the field on his way to the front most weekends.  An unfortunate hand injury at Anaheim 1 kept the Chupacabra from contending the supercross season so you just know he’s more than ready for the boys of summer.  We’ll get the latest on his preparation to defend as Hangtown quickly approaches.

Pro Circuit's Darryn Durham has had a string of bad luck and injuries after securing his dream ride on Mitch’s team.  A shoulder and Achilles tendon injury had the likeable Northeastern transplant sidelined for far too long.  DD is back on the bike and ready to remind those that forgot, or doubted him, that he is indeed ready to race some damn motocross.

We’ve known Brett Cue for a long time and are stoked for the Okie on his quest for X and the never-ending search for the perfect whip.  He’s on our Oklahoma Fav 5 list, and after this interview he’ll be on yours, too.

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