Stimilon Brings Rally Cars to Southwick

May 8, 2013 12:50pm

Win a Rally Car Driving School Experience with Team O’Neil and Stimilon!

At Stimilon, we always try and up the game at our events to bring you the very best experience.  We have had skate ramps, rock bands, pit bikes, bon fires, and plenty of other things that would get you arrested in at least 13 states (as of our last count) but this is by far the one sponsorship we are most proud to announce in 20 years of putting on events.

Thanks to our good friends at Red Bull who put us in touch, we have secured a deal with the legendary Team O’Neil Rally Car Driving School.  Lead by multi time rally champion Tim O’Neil, this school has taught civilians, police, and military personal alike how to drive like Bo and Luke!

Team O’Neil will be on hand during the event to talk about their school, show off the car and maybe a little more…  Will they be giving a “ride of your life experience” for a lucky few at the event?  Our attorneys have advised us to neither confirm, nor deny such allegations.  However, we can say that we will have One and Two Day Schools to give away with some special contests we will announce next week!

More to come…

The Stimilon Motocross Challenge is held at MX338 – the Southwick National Track in Massachusetts - May 24-26, Memorial Day Weekend.  Pre Registration ends Next Friday, May 17 and classes are limited to 40 per gate and then closed.  With over 230 entries already signed up, several classes are more than half full and a few have less than 10 spots left.

Don’t Miss this Experience!

Stimilon Tip of the Day:  Taco Cat spelled backwards, is Taco Cat

Sign up info and other details at:

2013 Video Invitation: (2 minutes of your life you will never get back).  For more info on Team O’Neil visit: