Hookit and RCU Join Forces

May 8, 2013 11:20am

SOLANA BEACH, CA – Hookit and Ricky Carmichael University announced today an expanded partnership, continuing their involvement for the second year running. For RCU 2013, Hookit boosted their role, creating and powering the all-new RCU website. Hookit will manage the site top to bottom from online registration to instructor profiles all the way through to information about the clinics. In addition, Hookit returns to the seminar lineup presenting an expert session on social media, self-promotion and sponsorship.

“We are honored to join RCU for another year to be a part of their amazing program,” said Scott Tilton, CEO, Hookit. “Young riders are hungry for ways to become better racers and RCU gives them the best tools to make that happen.”

“The goal of RCU is to give these young riders the best instruction and information out there,” said Ricky Carmichael. The people at Hookit are experts at what they do, plus their motto is ‘support the athletes’. Teaming with them is the obvious choice because we all believe in the same purpose.”

Ricky Carmichael University happens July 3, 2013 at the famed RedBud Motocross track in Buchanan, Michigan. Instructors this year are Ricky Carmichael, Jeff Emig, Jeff Stanton, Grant Langston and Ivan Tedesco. RCU is an unprecedented opportunity for motocross riders to learn from the Greatest-of-All-Time and his accomplished faculty.