450SX and 250 Shootout Spoiler Report

May 5, 2013 1:30am | by:

In the shootout, Roczen and Musquin grabbed the start and battled back and forth early, but eventually Roczen got away. Cunningham was on the move and eventually got second, but couldn’t catch Roczen.

In the 450 main, Jake Weimer grabbed the holeshot with Chad Reed behind him, Villopoto got a terrible start but somehow passed everyone to get second, and then went around Weimer. He made a mistake, and Weimer repassed him, but Villopoto was quickly back around and into the lead. Then Ryan Dungey passed Weimer to take second and tried to run down Villopoto, but to no avail. Later, Davi Millsaps moved around Weimer into third to round out the podium.