Recharge: Salt Lake  City Injury Report

Recharge: Salt Lake City Injury Report

April 26, 2013 12:00pm


Jimmy Albertson – Broken Wrist
Comment: Albertson crashed on the start of the LCQ in Toronto and is out for the remainder of supercross.

Michael Byrne - Lateral Tibial Plateau Fracture
Comment: Byrne injured himself at Unadilla. Byrne is back on the bike and will be racing the Nationals.

Kyle Chisholm – Injured Ankles, Leg and Knee
Comment: Chisholm broke a bone above his ankle in his left leg and injured his knee after a midair collision with Matt Goerke in St. Louis. Chisholm underwent surgery for his injuries and will miss the remainder of the season.

Kyle Goerke - Leg Injury
Comment: Goerke suffered a severe leg injury in Atlanta and following two surgeries his leg is still imploded, from which he has compartment syndrome.

Matt Goerke is out until Budds Creek with a wrist injury.
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Matt Goerke – Broken Wrist
Comment: Goerke will miss the rest of supercross with a broken wrist. The team expects him back at Budds Creek.

Josh Grant - Fractured Tibia and Injured Shoulder
Comment: Grant sustained ankle and shoulder injuries at A3. Grant started riding this week and is expected to be ready for the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross season opener at Hangtown.

Matt Lemoine – Torn ACL
Comment: Lemoine tore his ACL in practice in Dallas and underwent surgery and won’t be back until after the Nationals. The good news is that his recovery is going well. Lemoine tweeted the following last week: “Got awesome news today I can walk everything's ahead of schedule but still is going to be a few months #fistpump ready to get to work.”

Justin Sipes - Torn ACL, MCL, PCL, and Meniscus
Comment: Sipes went down during his heat race in Houston and will need surgery.

Les Smith – Fractured Hand and Ribs
Comment: Smith crashed in the main in Minneapolis. He will not be racing in Salt Lake City, but says the injury won’t affect him for the Nationals.

James Stewart – Wrist Injury
Comment: Stewart crashed in his heat race in Minneapolis, injuring his wrist (the same wrist he injured last year) in the process. Stewart has opted to skip the remaining three rounds but still plans on being on the gate for the Nationals.

Nick Wey - Three Fractured Vertebrae, Dislocated Hip and Broken Ribs
Comment: Wey had a terrible crash at Spring Creek that sent his bike tumbling into the creek and him to the hospital. Wey's fractured vertebrae have been fused, he is back riding and is planning on getting back behind the gate for the Nationals.

Josh Grant is expected to return at Hangtown.
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Gannon Audette – Fractured Pelvis and Clavicle
Comment: Audette sustained a fractured pelvis and clavicle in Dallas. Audette has resumed riding but will miss the rest of supercross.

Blake Baggett - Broken Hand and Wrist
Comment: Baggett injured his hand in a first-turn pileup at A1. Baggett has undergone surgery and will not be returning before the end of supercross. His team says he’ll be ready for the opening round of the Nationals.

Zach Bell – Shoulder Injury
Comment: Bell hurt his shoulder during practice in Toronto and will sit out the rest of supercross.

Justin Bogle - Broken Right Scaphoid and Dislocated Left Wrist
Comment: Bogle is shooting to be ready for the beginning of Lucas Oil Motocross in May.

Darryn Durham - Torn Achilles Tendon and Shoulder Problems
Comment: Durham has resumed riding, and his team says he’ll be ready for the Nationals.

Zack Freeberg – Cracked Tibia
Comment: Freeberg injured himself when he went down in the main event in Houston and will likely miss the rest of supercross.

Jeremy Martin will make his return at Hangtown.
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Jacob Hayes - Broken Collarbone
Comment: A broken collarbone kept the SX rookie out of the first two Eastern Regional 250SX rounds, and then he rebroke it in a crash in St. Louis. The break is too close to the end of the bone for surgery and a plate to work, so Hayes is out until the Nationals.

Justin Hill – Fractured Radius
Comment: Hill sustained a fractured radius (forearm bone) when Gavin Faith landed on him in Toronto. Hill is week-to-week at the moment.

Casey Hinson - Torn Hand Ligament
Comment: Hinson sustained a deep gash in his hand, and underwent surgery. Hinson will be back on the gate in Salt Lake City.

Nico Izzi - Torn ACL
Comment: Izzi had surgery for a torn ACL in October. Izzi is back on the bike and plans to line up at Hangtown.

Alex Martin - Broken Wrist
Comment: Martin broke his wrist while training at ClubMX in December. He underwent surgery to remove the pins in his left wrist and is planning on being ready for the Nationals.

Jeremy Martin – Fractured Wrist
Comment: Martin sat Houston out after going down hard in practice on his wrist. Initially the wrist checked out okay, but Martin crashed again a few days later while practicing and finished it off. He is expected to be back for the start of the Lucas Oil Motocross Championship.

Jessy Nelson will miss the rest of supercross with an elbow injury.
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Jessy Nelson – Elbow Injury
Comment: Nelson hurt his elbow and will be out for the rest of supercross. He is expected to be back on the gate for the Nationals.

Kyle Peters – Strained Shoulder, Injured Hip and Pulled Muscles
Comment: Peters crashed during the Easter break while practicing on his 450. He should be back for the Nationals.

Bradley Ripple – T12 and L1 Vertebrae
Comment: Ripple will miss the rest of supercross.

Shane Sewell - Multiple Fractures and Dislocations in Left Foot
Comment: Sewell will need surgery and will be out for a few months.

Gareth Swanepoel – Broken Wrist
Comment: Swanepoel broke his wrist in practice in Daytona. He has resumed riding, but there is no date for his return.

Dean Wilson – Broken Ribs and Collapsed Lung
Comment: Wilson injured himself in a hard crash in his heat race in Indianapolis. He will miss the rest of supercross, but is back riding and his team says he’ll be ready for the opening round of Lucas Oil Motocross.