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Ask Ping!

April 26, 2013 9:00am


If the supercross series was sponsored by Miller or Coors like back in the 80s, would the guys on the podium take a fake drink of one of those like they do with the energy drinks?  Or slam it?


Ryno in Snow Covered Minnesota



  • Old School Monster Girls.

Two things I feel like I need to clarify here: First, the guys with the energy drink cans ARE actually drinking from the cans and bottles they have. The trick is those cans and bottles are filled with water.

Second, it sounds like you are jokingly suggesting that the riders during the Coors/Miller eras actually drank the beer. They totally did! I remember watching a video of Ricky Johnson winning a race and he said on the podium afterwards that he was going to “enjoy one of those cold Miller Lites.” He proceeded to squeeze the trophy girl’s rear end, lay a serious kiss on her and then crack a beer and take a full pull from it before walking off the podium. It was a different time, Ryno, a very different time. I’m totally going to high-five RJ the next time I see him.




Hey ping dong,

Every morning I wake up with my normal morning inspiration and overwhelming questions about day to day crap. So I thought I would ask u a few.  1st why do my pajamas pants have pockets?  What the hell am I suppose to put in em. Also can u explain why Carly Simon sings a song about an arrogant guy that thinks the song is about him when clearly…it is.  And lastly, can u explain why a rider like Mike Alessi can go so damn fast on a rough as hell outdoor track but somehow cannot figure out how to skim 10 whoops. And I don't believe it has anything to do with commitment. Anyone who can jump laroccas leap on a slow ktm 350 is committed.  (He did the year he rode for ktm I was there and saw him do it 2nd moto) And look, I like look back Mikey. I just can't understand why he doesn't devote every moment of his life to learning the proper technique to skimming whoops. Imagine if he could go Reedy fast thru em. He would be a podium threat every weekend with the way he gets starts.  Thanx ping. Ur awesome. Sory about my speling. I'm an idiot

Bill Medek

District 23.  #107



  • Toilet paper in the back pocket?

Let’s get right to this. I would suggest you could fill pajama pockets with Chap Stick, Advil, Viagra or a turkey sandwich wrapped in plastic wrap depending on your nighttime needs.

The Carly Simon song was a little before my time but I understand your problem with it. She was probably an insecure, recovering druggy from the sixties who had daddy issues. That’s my guess, anyway.

And as far as Alessi goes I think he probably does work really hard at getting better in supercross. Some of the problem is that Mike is quite a bit shorter than some of the other guys who excel in whoops. Longer legs translate into more confidence on that particular obstacle. It would be like Spud Webb beating Patrick Ewing out for a rebound under the glass. I know those are obscure references but I’m catering to a guy who’s asking about Carly Simon. Anyway, cut Mike some slack. Supercross whoops are a man-eating, intimidating animal and not everybody can rip across them like James Stewart. Some of us have to jump through them like Mike Alessi.





First off, congrats on the new Gig.  Good On Ya!  Stay safe and save lives man!

So, I am more of an MX fan over SX and have really been enjoying MX1 and MX2 across the pond this season and seeing cats like Jeffery H and Tony C (can I call him Tony?) just rip it up.  I know we have swapped racers and had some luck over there and they here but in your opinion, what keeps the "fastest of the fast" here and the Top Steppers there?  Is it a cash thing?  Is it a Travel thing?  I mean we get to see them battle at MXdN but think of Villo and Tony C (did it again) banging bars for a season or Jeffery H and the Elusive Baggett both doing their best "Worst To First" races.

If my questions(s) are mere dribble, just delete and move on but this has been on my mind and I figured, "Ping Might Know...."



Old & Thinkin......



  • I wish this guy raced over here more in his prime.
Old Thinker,

There are a couple of things you have to consider here. First, and I know I’ll get flamed by the Euros for this, the U.S. supercross and moto series are the most prestigious in the world. They just are. For the most part the very best riders in the world want to come here and prove themselves. Typically if we send a rider over there it is because he has run out of options here and he can still make a good living racing the GPs. When was the last time you saw a U.S. rider who was capable of winning championships here AND had good offers leave to go race GPs? It doesn’t happen. Sometimes riders who could compete here choose not to come over. It would have been so cool to see Stefan Everts come here and compete against Jeremy McGrath and Ricky Carmichael during their peak years. But he had family in Belgium and he was making good money and winning and he had family history in Grand Prix racing. There are a lot of things to consider because it isn’t easy to just up and move to another country. “Tony C” doesn’t seem interested in coming here and while it sucks that we only get to see him race against our guys once a year you have to respect his decision.



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