Kyle Goerke May Lose Leg, Donate Now

April 18, 2013 10:55am

On Saturday, February 23, privateer Kyle Goerke suffered a severe leg injury while competing in the Atlanta Supercross. Dr. Steve Augustine of Asterisk Medical described the outcome as “the worst injury he has ever seen.”

Goerke was immediately taken to a hospital in Atlanta following the crash, and later underwent two surgeries on his left leg in Jacksonville, Florida. His leg is still imploded, from which he has compartment syndrome, and is in desperate need of additional medical attention. Some doctors believe it would be easier to amputate it at this point, but there is still a good chance his leg can be saved.

The only problem is that it will be rather costly. His father serves as a fire fighter, his mother is limited to part-time jobs due to multiple sclerosis, and Goerke has attempted to make ends meet by hosting a riding school for children, even while not being able to stand on his feet. Medical bills are piling up, and his family’s funds are running out.

This is where we need your help—to make his recovery possible.

Goerke’s girlfriend, Maraiah, has setup a donation website to help with his recovery. The donations will primarily go towards his medical bills. Any unused funds will be donated to a rider foundation/charity.

Please visit to donate.

Please help save Kyle Goerke’s leg.

Goerke has the determined spirit of a motocross racer, and is ready to overcome this and heal so he can chase his dream again.