First Impressions: Jimmy D On Europe

April 9, 2013 9:25am

Monster Energy Interview

Jimmy Decotis is the latest talent from the USA to try and make a name for himself in the international spotlight. The twenty-one year old from Massachusetts has been drafted into the CLS Monster Energy Kawasaki Pro Circuit team to temporarily replace Arnaud Tonus and then augment a three-pronged attack on the MX2 class when the Swiss returns to the awning with Alessandro Lupino also on a KX250F.

Here for almost a week, Monster Energy took the chance to have a chat with #613 to see how he was settling in to life in Europe and what he expects from his first Grand Prix.

On the Grand Prix deal coming together in the midst of a East Coast 250SX privateer

It all happened really quickly. On Monday morning of the race in Holland I got a couple of
text messages that CLS needed a guy and they were possibly interested in me. I was still
doing Supercross at the time and was set on finishing the last three rounds. I had to weigh up my options and what would be best for me and after chatting to Mitch Covington [Monster Energy Director of Motorsports] and Mitch Payton we discussed what would be the right solution for the team and I and it all worked out. It will take some adjustment to get used to the different lifestyle over here…but, yeah, it all happened in three or four days and one or two of those talking! Then it got to a moment where we thought ‘OK, kid, let’s go’ and we got on the plane.

On racing in Europe and overseas…
This is a first for me. I did a race on St. Martin Island last year and that was a fun little
experience. This is my first time in Europe so I’m trying to get the sleeping patterns dialed and the food sorted out. It is going to be a big change, I know that, but no matter what goes on during the week as long as I put in my laps and my work when I get to that gate then the board goes sideways and it will all go away. It wouldn’t matter if we were in America, Australia or Europe, when that gate drops its time to go.

On some Grand Prix research…
I watched a few of the races, especially since the deal was confirmed because I wanted to
look at the tracks and the riders and how it was run. I actually did a GP at Glen Helen a
couple of years ago but I didn’t do as well as I would have liked because I didn’t have the
good bike and support I needed. Anyway, I’ve definitely done some research and I know
what I am in for. I know the guys over here are just as good as those in the States. They are all good riders and it is a professional series. They are all going to be charging hard for the full 35 minute and 2 lap motos; I’ll be trying to do the same, just get out front and try to put this bike where it belongs.

On checking in with the likes of Zach Osborne and Jimmy Albertson for some advice…
I haven’t talked to them yet but I need to. I have to get something like that figured out because I can’t get my credit card to work over here and I need to get all the money changed up! Like I said, it is a big change and I’m just taking it day by day at the moment to get as comfortable on and off the bike.

On being aware of his chance with a top team and high profile sponsor…
Absolutely, and I know what everyone expects. There is a little bit of pressure. I’ve been with GEICO Honda and that’s a top tier team in the States. I just so thankful for this chance and want to put this Monster bike up front where it should be.