EKS Brand "Build-A-Goggle" System

April 1, 2013 1:55pm

EKS Brand is proud to lead the way in truly user-customizable goggle solutions for racers and enthusiasts of moto at all levels.

March 31st marks the day we launched our EKS Brand “Build-A-Goggle” system via our online store. This custom goggle solution allows a customer to build a custom goggle “ala-cart”. This means, they select the frame, the strap and the lens which we will custom assemble specifically for their order. Not only that, we also throw in a 10-pack of tear-offs and a clear lens as well! All this for $50.

We offer 14 frames, 9 lenses (including our popular “Terminator” metallic red/orange lens) and 13 straps! The options are virtually limitless.

Another part of this deal that we find very cool is, if you update your customer account info in the store with your Twitter/Instagram username, we will post a photo of your custom goggle being built to the Social-Mediasphere!

Head to http://bit.ly/wSqzex now to make your selection and truly stand apart from the masses!
The EKS Brand “Build-A-Goggle”, where the only limitation is your imagination!

* "Build-A-Goggle" is excluded from all discounts, though discounts will apply to other items in your order.