Recharge: Toronto  Injury Report

Recharge: Toronto Injury Report

March 22, 2013 10:30am

Dean Wilson – Broken Ribs and Collapsed Lung
Comment: Wilson injured himself in a hard crash in his heat race in Indianapolis. He will miss the rest of supercross, and currently, his status for the opening round of Lucas Oil Motocross is unknown.

Trey Canard - Concussion
A big crash in the Indianapolis main event led to a hit to the head for Canard, who told us it's unlikely he will race Toronto. Besides the concussion, he escaped without injury, so expect him back when racing resumes in Houston.

Brett Metcalfe - Broken Tibia and Dislocated Wrist
Comment: Metcalfe went over the bars when his bike ran out of gas in a rhythm section at Glen Helen Raceway last summer. Metcalfe is back riding and will be racing the Canadian Nationals this summer with Leading Edge Kawasaki.

Gareth Swanepoel – Broken Wrist
Comment: Swanepoel broke his wrist in practice in Daytona. As far as broken bones go, it’s not bad and he’ll be in a cast for three weeks.

Josh Grant - Fractured Tibia and Injured Shoulder
Comment: Grant sustained ankle and shoulder injuries at A3. Grant’s shoulder was later found to have a rare condition that requires surgery. Grant will miss the rest of supercross.

Darryn Durham - Torn Achilles Tendon
Comment: Durham has resumed riding, but will not race until Lucas Oil Motocross gets under way at Hangtown.

Wilson will miss the remainder of supercross after a big crash in Indy.
Simon Cudby photo

Justin Bogle - Broken Right Scaphoid and Dislocated Left Wrist
Comment: Bogle hoped to join the Eastern Regional 250SX ranks midway through the season, but it is unlikely we’ll see him on the racetrack before the beginning of Lucas Oil Motocross in May.

Jacob Hayes - Broken Collarbone
Comment: A broken collarbone kept the SX rookie out of the first two Eastern Regional 250SX rounds, and then he rebroke it in a crash in St. Louis. The break is too close to the end of the bone for surgery and a plate to work, so Hayes is out until the Nationals.

Landon Powell – Broken Ribs and Bruised Lung
Comment: Powell was injured in a big practice crash following Atlanta. He plans on getting back to racing in Houston and will jumping up to a 450 in Seattle and Salt Lake City.

Kyle Chisholm – Injured Ankles, Leg and Knee
Comment: Chisholm broke a bone above his ankle in his left leg and injured his knee after a midair collision with Matt Goerke in St. Louis. Chisholm underwent surgery for his injuries and will miss the remainder of the season.

Ryan Sipes - Fractured Wrist
Comment: Sipes sustained a hairline fracture in his wrist at A2 during the main. He has resumed riding and the latest word from his team is that he’s hoping to be in shape enough to race a 450 by Houston.

Tevin Tapia – Chipped Ankle Bone and Injured Knee
Comment: Tapia injured himself in Atlanta. Currently there is no expected return date.

Alex Martin - Broken Wrist
Comment: Martin broke his wrist while training at Clubmx in December. He underwent surgery to remove the pins in his left wrist. He will not be racing in Toronto.

Chris Johnson – Lacerated Liver and Right Adrenal Gland Hemorrhage
Comment: The size of Johnson’s liver laceration measures 5.7 by 5.1 cm. There is no timetable on his return.

Joey Peters – Blood Clots in Left Lung, Two Back Fractures and Blood in Colon and Pelvis
Comment: Peters is out of action in indefinitely.

Josh Grant is hoping to be back at Hangtown.
Simon Cudby photo

Matt Lemoine – Torn ACL
Comment: Lemoine tore his ACL in practice in Dallas and underwent surgery last week. Last week, Lemoine tweeted the following: “Went to the doctor today for post-surgery apt and he says everything couldn't look better. Start PT tomorrow. Stoked to get back on my feet.”

Gannon Audette – Fractured Pelvis and Clavicle
Comment: Audette sustained a fractured pelvis and clavicle in Dallas. Right now there is now timetable for his return.

Nico Izzi - Torn ACL
Comment: Izzi had surgery for a torn ACL in October. Izzi is back on the bike but there is currently no timetable on his return.

Jarred Browne - Fractured Back, Collarbone, Bruised Lung, and Brain Injury
Comment: Browne went down hard in San Diego, but according to his Twitter feed, is expected to make a full recovery. He will be off the bike for a minimum of several months.

Michael Leib - Broken Arm
Comment: Leib suffered a broken ulna (forearm) bone in a big crash at A2. Leib is back on the bike and hopes to be back in action when the Western Regional 250SX series resumes in Seattle.

Casey Hinson - Torn Hand Ligament
Comment: Hinson sustained a deep gash in his hand, and will undergo surgery next week. Hinson hopes to be back on the gate in Seattle.

Blake Baggett - Broken Hand and Wrist
Comment: Baggett injured his hand in a first-turn pileup at A1. Baggett has undergone surgery, and whether or not he will return before the supercross season ends remains uncertain.

Nick Paluzzi - Fractured Vertebra
Comment: Paluzzi crashed in the first turn of his heat race in Phoenix. The result was a fractured, but not displaced, C-7 vertebra. At this point in time it is uncertain how long Paluzzi will be off the bike.

Kyle Chisholm's return status is uncertain at this time.
Simon Cudby photo

Trevor Ivey - Collarbone
Comment: Ivey broke his collarbone in practice at Phoenix. He had a plate and six screws put in. He's back in the gym and can get back on the bike around March. He plans to return after the regional break for his hometown race in Seattle.

Vann Martin - Broken Wrist
Comment: Vann Martin suffered a broken wrist in December. He is back on the bike and is hoping to get back to racing shortly.

Michael Byrne - Lateral Tibial Plateau Fracture
Comment: Byrne injured himself at Unadilla. It is uncertain when he'll be able to return to racing.

Nick Wey - Three Fractured Vertebrae, Dislocated Hip and Broken Ribs
Comment: Wey had a terrible crash at Spring Creek that sent his bike tumbling into the creek and him to the hospital. Wey's fractured vertebrae have been fused, he is back riding and is planning on getting back behind the gate when the Nationals begin.

Luke Vonlinger - Broken Leg
Comment: Vonlinger broke his leg at the season opener and will be recovering for the next few months.

Ryder Steffy - Broken Arm
Comment: Steffy will resume racing when the Western Regional 250SX series resumes in Seattle.