Pulpmx Show eBay Auction for Rookie

March 20, 2013 11:05am

Darrin "Rookie" Sorenson is a former factory mechanic at GEICO Honda, Factory Yamaha, KTM and many other teams. He's one of the best guys in the moto industry and unfortunately he was involved in a bicycling accident that leaves him with a long road ahead to get back on his feet. Although he has insurance through his present employer, the costs are still high for the ICU and rehab facilites, so we're trying to help out Rookie. After all, he'd do it for us.

The winner of this auction will get two tickets to Las Vegas (dates to be worked out between Pulpmx Show and winner) two nights in a hotel and a spot to sit in on a live Pulpmx Show on the Monday night. And I'm sure we'll find you some free stuff from someone as well. The value of this auction is $1500, plus sitting in on a Pulpmx Show is priceless, right?

RULES: Flights will be restricted to anywhere in North America. If you win the auction and you're from another country, you get yourself to the closest entry in the USA and we'll pick it up from there.