March 20, 2013 9:00am

The historicĀ, is proud to announce the "re-launch" of the website! Clayton Miller, an ex-pro privateer from Texas, purchased the siteĀ in January of 2013 from Jim "Hutch" Hutcherson who created the site in March of 1997. The new Motonews website is free for all to use, provides a free Mobile iPhone App, and an Android app on the app store and android market place. Search "Motonews" and you will see the website logo.

The Motonews forums are known for the source of inside news of the industry. Now more than ever, we are providing more in-depth reports of the riders participating in the events. Motonews has a special section "Qualifying Time To Beat," where we talk about the riders that are right on the edge of making the show!

The site is encouraging Teams and Riders to send in race reports, share photos and videos, and promote themselves. The site will progressively develop as these different sections take shape.

Whether you're a racer, rider, fan, or an enthusiast, Motonews is a place for all to share their love for the sport! and register to participate!

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