Wilson and Canard Updates

March 18, 2013 11:20am

By DC and Weege

After Trey Canard’s big crash on Saturday night in Indy, we stopped by the Honda Muscle Milk truck to check his status, and the team said he was mostly okay, with his sore shoulder checking out okay on X-rays. He did hit his head, though, and now after a concussion test, it has been revealed that Trey did suffer a concussion. We texted Trey this morning and he said the rest of his body feels good. Due to the concussion, he says he’s doubtful for racing this weekend in Toronto.

Dean Wilson went down hard in his Indy heat race. Yesterday, Wilson went on Instagram apparently with the doctor's first fears, which were a collapsed lung, a broken rib, broken shoulder and broken back.

After a more thorough review, he was told that he only had a broken rib and collapsed lung (not a broken shoulder or back), though his shoulder will get a second opinion once he's able to fly home to California. There was confusion among the PR people for Kawasaki and they told us that the 2011 250 Motocross Champion did not have the broken back or shoulder that was being reported online. He also received a positive report on his shoulder from an ortho doctor at the hospital, after initially being told that it was likely broken.

We’ll keep on top of the status of both riders going forward. Get well soon, guys!