Osborne Sheds Light on GNCC Opener

March 14, 2013 9:35am

Swizcore: This is your second off-road race during a SX series. Have you always been a fan of off-road racing or just love ripping in the woods for fun?
Zach Osborne: A little bit of both. I've always wanted to do what I did yesterday. I did a GNCC in 2007 and I should have been on the podium then but I made some mistakes and took myself out of contention. Yesterday I was able to push through and stay with the leaders through the first two hours and with two laps to go I was right there for the lead but then Delong got away from me (cough... both riders who beat Zach are EKS Brand riders... cough). It may be risky but you can get hurt anywhere on a motorcycle and you always push yourself deeper in competition, so I feel like in a week my fitness will be on another level just from doing those three hours yesterday and putting myself out there.

Were you on a 250 or 450?
Just my 250 GEICO practice bike. I was actually kind of scared to ask for permission because I thought they would laugh at me but they've been really good about it. So I have to say thanks to them for letting me go out there and do it.

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