Powered by Naveen Names Team Manager

March 13, 2013 9:30am

Powered by Naveen is pleased to announce the addition of Donovan Norris as Race Manager. Donnie brings 13 years of experience from Cosworth to our organization and is enthusiast in working with us to develop and implement new programs. With collaboration between our current development team and Donnie’s background in motorsports, we will be able to transition ourselves into the next level in the industry.

“Donovan is a huge asset to our team and we are honored to have him join us”, says Naveen Dassanayake. He also added, “The experience and technical background he has from F1, Indy Cars, Rally Cars, Motocross and other various levels of motorsports will hugely benefit our organization’s future plans.”

Donnie will be heading our race program and is working towards securing corporate sponsorships to develop an in-house race team for 2014. “We plan on going for the gold”, says Donnie. “I have seen Naveen’s program and I believe this shop has what it takes to be the next big power house. We are already looking at some ideas to bring our Honda engines up on power. I am happy to be with this team and will continue to work hard to keep the sport we all love going.”

Additionally, Powered by Naveen is working to increase our amateur engine programs. We have added our own engine hard parts to the inventory and will continue to provide expert track support to our Supercross customers.