Dodge/RCH Racing Race Advance

March 13, 2013 10:35am
·   Broc Tickle (No. 20 Dodge/Sycuan Casino/RCH Racing/Bel-Ray/Suzuki RM-Z450) is currently 10th in the 450SX Class rider standings, five points shy of ninth. He recorded his fourth top-10 of the season last week in Daytona. He finished eighth in his only 450SX Class start in Indianapolis last year.
·   Josh Hill (No. 75 Dodge/Sycuan Casino/RCH Racing/Bel-Ray/Suzuki RM-Z450) has a pair of top-10 finishes at Lucas Oil Stadium in three career 450SX starts. Hill finished runner-up in his first career start at Indianapolis in 2008, followed by a 15th-place finish in 2009 and ninth in 2010.

·   SPEED will air the AMA Supercross Series event in Indy live on Saturday (3/16) at 7:30 p.m. (ET).
·   RCH Racing’s Broc Tickle has scored nine consecutive Top-12 finishes in the 450SX Class Main Events.

·   Dodge/RCH Racing rider Broc Tickle (No. 20 Dodge/Sycuan Casino/RCH Racing/Bel-Ray/Suzuki RM-Z450) last scored a 450SX Class finish outside the Top-12 at the season opening race in Anaheim where he finished 18th. Tickle has an averaging finishing position of 10.2 in his last five Monster Energy AMA Supercross Races.
·   Dodge/RCH Racing rider Josh Hill (No. 75 Dodge/Sycuan Casino/RCH Racing/Bel-Ray/Suzuki RM-Z450) has a scoring average of 8.6 in three Monster Energy AMA Supercross races at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.
·   RCH Racing team owner Ricky Carmichael scored three SX premier class wins in Indianapolis (2001, ’03, ’05).

·   Dodge is seeking its first SX race win with RCH (Ricky Carmichael / Cary Hart) Racing.
·   Broc Tickle’s career-best finish of second came at the 2006 SX event at Toronto.
·   Dodge’s Josh Hill was the Monster Energy Supercross Series Rookie of the Year in 2008.
·   Carey Hart was the recipient of the first R.A.D. (Riders Above Dirt) Lifetime Achievement Award in 2011.

No. 20 Dodge/Sycuan Casino/RCH Racing/Bel-Ray/Suzuki RM-Z450
Birthdate: 11/21/1989
Hometown: Holly, Mich.                             Mechanic: Tony Berluti

·   First season riding the No. 20 Dodge/Sycuan Casino/RCH Racing/Bel-Ray/Suzuki RM-Z450.
·   Finished eighth in 2012 SX rider standings with nine top-10 finishes in 16 starts.
·   2011 AMA Supercross Series Lites West champion.

No.75 Dodge/Sycuan Casino/RCH Racing/Bel-Ray/Suzuki RM-Z450
Birthdate: 07/30/1989
Hometown: Yoncalla, Ore.                 Mechanic: Shawn Bell

·   Returns for his second season aboard the No. 75 Dodge/Sycuan Casino/RCH Racing/Bel-Ray/Suzuki RM-Z450.
·   Has one career SX win (Minneapolis – 2008).
·   Career best sixth-place finish in 2010 SX point standings.

JOSH HILL (No. 75 Dodge/Sycuan Casino/RCH Racing/Bel-Ray/Suzuki Z450)
MORE TESTING UP AT RICKY’S (CARMICHAEL) COMPOUND THIS WEEK. WHAT’S THE FOCUS FOR YOU AT THE TEST? “The focus is to just keep improving. My qualifying times are getting better, I just got a bad start in the Heat Race that put me on the outside in the Main (Event) and it didn’t work out too well. I had to throw my goggles off on Lap 6 in the Main and that made it tough. We made some improvements last week. We’re just going to continue to work and build on the positive.”

TALK ABOUT WORKING WITH JEANNIE CARMICHAEL: “She’s great. She’s been awesome. She pushes you to the limit that she knows you can do. She’ll push you hard. Jeannie doesn’t ask for anything ridiculous, just pushes you to your limits and makes you ride your best.”

A PAIR OF TOP-10S IN THE 450SX CLASS AT INDIANAPOLIS FOR YOU, INCLUDING A RUNNER-UP IN 2008. IS THERE SOMETHING ABOUT INDY THAT YOU SPECIFICALLY LIKE? “Not really. I haven’t raced there in a couple of years. The dirt seems to be pretty sticky and gets rutted up. It’s a darker soil that seems to hold up well versus a sandy soil that we raced on at Daytona last Saturday. I think it will be good.”

A PHYSICAL RIDE FOR YOU LAST WEEKEND IN DAYTONA. DOES THAT GIVE YOU CONFIDENCE KNOWING YOU HAD THE RIGHT-HAND INJURY EARLY IN THE SEASON? “Not really. I was expecting more out of myself at Daytona; I just didn’t put everything together like I needed to. After I threw my goggles on Lap 6… it wasn’t a bad ride…it just sucks when you start that far back in the field and have to throw your goggles.”

TALK ABOUT YOUR APPROACH THE NEXT FEW RACES. IS IT A GO FOR BROKE MINDSET OR ARE YOU STILL BUILDING UPON THE LAST RACE: “I’m just building on the last race. There’s no reason to go for broke. I guess that’s something guys in the championship hunt will do, go for broke. For me, it’s just about getting better and better. I don’t need to ride over my head or do something stupid. I think the results are going to come if I keep on the same path that I’m on now.”

BROC TICKLE (No. 20 Dodge/Sycuan Casino/RCH Racing/Bel-Ray/Suzuki Z450)
YOU HAD A HOLESHOT IN YOUR HEAT RACE LAST WEEK IN DAYTONA. ANOTHER PIECE OF THE PUZZLE THAT YOU AND TONY (BERLUTI) HAVE BEEN WORKING ON:  “Yeah, another piece of the puzzle that we’ve been working on all year. I was pretty pumped on the holeshot because we worked on it at RC’s track all week. My Heat Race went pretty good. I finished fifth but I think that my ride was better than a fifth-place finish. I rode pretty well.”

YOU RACE RESULTS THE LAST TWO WEEKS HAVEN’T REFLECTED HOW AGGRESSIVE AND WELL YOU HAVE BEEN RIDING:  “I don’t think they have. I feel that I’ve been riding really well and have been making some aggressive passes. In the Main Event (at Daytona last weekend), it took me a couple of laps to get into a rhythm and then I settled into a good pace.”

MORE TESTING UP AT RICKY’S (CARMICHAEL) COMPOUND THIS WEEK. WHAT’S THE FOCUS DURING THE RIDING? “Finding more speed. I’ve got the race starts figured out somewhat. Now, it’s just speed.”

WHERE SPECIFICALLY ARE YOU LOOKING FOR SPEED? “Ricky’s mom (Jeannie Carmichael) has been working on sections. We’ve been focusing on corner speed and jumps. It’s a combination of things.”

TALK ABOUT WORKING WITH JEANNIE CARMICHAEL: “She’s really good. I think that I’m going to stay another week and work with her.”