BTO Sports Announces Amateur Team

March 7, 2013 9:40am
Below is the updated BTO Team roster. You may notice some familiar faces, along with some new ones for 2013.

•    Tyler Enticknap – A
•    Troy Graffunder – B
•    Tallon Lafountaine - B
•    Jesse Sanchez – B
•    Derek Kelley – Schoolboy
•    Tyler Pantley – 85 12-14/Supermini
•    Cullin Park – 85 9-11
•    Colby Halpain – 85 9-11
•    Ethan Mann – 65cc/85cc 9-11

The BTO Amateur Motocross Team has come a long way since it’s rookie season last year. The team was happy to take home several amateur titles, and they hope to do the same in 2013. As the team evolves, BTO Sports strives to create more support for their riders, while simultaneously working to solidify a presence in the Amateur circuit.

“I really look up to the foundation Forrest Butler and Vince Arimitsu have created with the BTO Sports – KTM team. It serves as a great building platform to formulate growth throughout the amateur program. We’ve come a long way since last year, and We’re looking forward to the future, and I’m excited to watch our team perform in the 2013 race season.” Mentioned Greg Picklesimer.

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