Bench Racing  Ammo: Speedway Winners

Bench Racing Ammo Speedway Winners

March 7, 2013 9:20am
With the Daytona Supercross by Honda, one of the biggest, most prestigious and certainly unique, races of the season coming up, we thought we’d take a moment to honor all of the past racers who have traveled to the winner’s circle at the famed Daytona Speedway.





1974      Pierre Karsmakers                            Yamaha

1975      Jimmy Ellis                                       Can-Am

1976      Tony DiStefano                                Suzuki

1977      Bob Hannah                                     Yamaha

1978      Marty Tripes                                    Honda

1979      Jim Weinert                                      Kawasaki

1980      Rex Staten                                       Yamaha

1981      Darrell Shultz                                  Suzuki

1982      Darrell Shultz                                  Honda

1983      Bob Hannah                                    Honda

1984      David Bailey                                    Honda

1985      Bob Hannah                                    Honda

1986      Rick Johnson                                   Honda

1987      Rick Ryan                                        Honda

1988      Rick Johnson                                   Honda

1989      Jeff Stanton                                     Honda

1990      Jeff Stanton                                     Honda

1991      Jeff Stanton                                     Honda

1992      Jeff Stanton                                     Honda

1993      Mike Kiedrowski                              Kawasaki

1994      Mike Kiedrowski                              Kawasaki

1995      Mike Kiedrowski                              Kawasaki

1996      Jeremy McGrath                               Honda

1997      Jeff Emig                                          Kawasaki

1998      Jeremy McGrath                               Yamaha

1999      Jeremy McGrath                               Yamaha

2000      Ricky Carmichael                             Kawasaki

2001      Ricky Carmichael                             Kawasaki

2002      Ricky Carmichael                             Honda

2003      Ricky Carmichael                             Honda

2004      Chad Reed                                       Yamaha

2005      Chad Reed                                       Yamaha

2006      Ricky Carmichael                             Suzuki

2007      James Stewart                                  Kawasaki

2008      Kevin Windham                                Honda

2009      Chad Reed                                       Suzuki

2010      Ryan Villopoto                                 Kawasaki

2011      Ryan Villopoto                                 Kawasaki

2012      James Stewart                                  Yamaha

James Stewart goes for two in a row in Daytona on Saturday.
Simon Cudby photo

For the most part, wins in Daytona tend to come in streaks. Darrell Shultz won two in a row, Jeff Stanton won four in a row, Mike Kiedrowski won three in a row, Jeremy McGrath won two in a row, Ricky Carmichael won four in a row, Chad Reed won two in a row, Ryan Villopoto won two in a row and if James Stewart wins this weekend, he’ll have two in a row.

Speaking of streaks, check out the streak that Honda put together starting in 1982 with Darrell Shultz. It lasted all the way through 1992 when Jeff Stanton won in Daytona for the last time!

Obviously, having the name Rick is a huge advantage when it comes to winning the Daytona Supercross. In thirty-nine years of this historic race, it has been won by Ricks eight times. Don’t blow up the comments section on this one people, we’re just having a little fun.

One manufacturer that is absent from this win list is KTM, but with a track that is more like a motocross track than any other stop on the circuit, that could all change this weekend when reigning Lucas Oil Motocross 450 National Champion Ryan Dungey comes to town.

For some great Carmichael helmet cam footage, check out Part One, Part Two, and Part Three of the 2005 Daytona Supercross. Reed won the race, but it wasn’t on account of a lack of effort from Ricky Carmichael, who went down in the whoops, refusing to let go of the bike until the last second.