Swizcorner: St. Louis

Not once but multiple times in St.Louis, an issue which almost gave me a coronary in Toronto of last year came to a head and needs to be addressed.

But before we get to that, most importantly is making sure everyone out there sends their prayers, good vibes, mojo, thoughts, blessings(or whatever other form you may choose to pay forward good will), to Kyle Chisholm. In a dirrrrty crash which began with Matt Goerke cross-jumping into Kyle’s trajectory off the triple on lap-3, Kyle had his bike stripped from his body. It’s always been one of the scariest coin flips in racing. Whether due to cross-rutting or simply a racer making an ill-advised move, the intensity in these races and split second decisions, which are the result of more instinct than thought, can have terrifying results. It can happen to anyone at anytime and in this instance, it happened in the worst possible area of a Supercross track.

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