Ask Ping!

Ask Ping!

March 1, 2013 9:20am


Dating back to October with all the things happening to Dungey, do you think he deserves a better ride? Or is KTM just working out a few kinks? I mean I understand a few mechanical problems..Heck Stewart just had a freak mishap last week... but it seems like Ryan is fighting a losing battle. With the recent suspension problems and back from MEC he has just had problem after problem, I just feel that if Ryan was able to experience the feel of a more trusted bike he could show his full potential. Thanks!

-Silvan Pierce



  • These guys have their poop in a group.

You are aware that Ryan Dungey is the current National Motocross champion, aren’t you? There’s no way you get through 12 rounds, 24 motos, in the most grueling conditions possible with a team that doesn’t have its shit together. It just doesn’t happen. I’m sure KTM learned a lot last summer and they are continuing to learn at every race. That is true of every team and especially when you are talking about a race team that is only a couple years old. Don’t feel bad for Dungey… his equipment is just fine.



Hey Ping,

For the love of God, Can you please tell me why Chad Reed picks his bike up cross handed? I’ve seen him do it more than a few times and it drives me crazy! He is not the only one I’ve seen do it over the last few years…what am I missing? Are these guys used to someone else picking their bike up for them at the practice track and just don’t know how to pick up the motorcycle? Please watch his San Diego crash and tell me why his right hand is on the clutch and his left is on the throttle and he is standing on the kick starter side of the bike, he then has to let go of the throttle reach over and grab the clutch, let go with his right hand and grab the throttle. I just don’t understand, please enlighten me oh wise one.

Thanks Baffled



  • Reed picking up his Honda or two guys wrestling? Too close to call.

It looks awkward but I’m sure the reason is that he is trying to keep the bike running. His first reaction is to grab the clutch and he did it there with his right hand. Of course when he goes to pick up his bike it looks like his CRF has him in some type of MMA sleeper hold. And then it jumps out of his hands and stalls and he looks like a total Joe and probably wants to crawl under a Tuff Block and lie there forever. That’s what I’d do. Or maybe I would just grab the clutch with my left hand.




[This is a follow up letter from a couple weeks back. This guy is not a James Stewart fan and disapproved of James stopping after the race to be interviewed]


First off I will admit when I'm wrong. I guess I didn't realize that Speed would ask the fourth place rider for an interview. I could be wrong but I never noticed fourth getting interviewed before. I don't like James, but I would never boo any of these guys. I think James is amazing on a motorcycle, there is no denying that. I just don't like the arrogance and the lack of respect he shows the other riders. My favorite was, “There won't be no 24 and 0 this year baby.” The problem is I'm a fan of the guys who show heart. James lacks that. Now before you say he's showing heart by riding with a torn up knee, I don't buy it. I read on Racer head a couple weeks ago where he needed so many top 10's to get his Red Bull money. We'll see when the nationals roll around how much heart he has.

You might want to be careful who you call a crap bag; it's a good way to get knocked on your ass.

William Swint



  • James keeps his laundry and a cat underneath that beanie, FYI.

You sound like a no-nonsense kind of fecal container so I’ll keep this short and sweet and definitely watch my P’s and Q’s. Look, I completely understand where you are coming from. James isn’t the straight-shooting workhorse that Ricky Carmichael was. But that’s a good thing. James is his own special little snowflake. And love him or hate him he provides entertainment. He is incredible to watch ride and his drama is an interesting storyline. Red Bull debunked the rumor that he needed a certain number of top finishes to get his bonus so scratch that. Will he ride the Nationals? I don’t know… he seems to be coming around in supercross.



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