ACTIONETIX Expands to Australia and New Zealand

February 25, 2013 1:35pm
TORONTO, ON - Action Brands Inc., the company behind the fastest-growing sports performance brand for action athletes, ACTIONETIX™, today announced they've recently expanded distribution to Australia and New Zealand. This is seen as a critical growth step for the emerging company, which has experienced unprecedented growth since launching in 2010.

“Australian and New Zealand based riders have been a large part of our business, however we were shipping them HemoFlo from our North American based warehouses. Due to the large volume of orders, we set out to find a partner in this part of the world that not only could help service our customers, but clearly understood the sport and physical demands of Motocross,” comments Craig Stevenson, Founder and CEO of Action Brands Inc.

HemoFlo is touted worldwide as the leading sport supplement innovation exclusively designed to help Action Sports athletes who depend on their grip for success by overcoming a performance-robbing condition known as arm pump. The core, patent protected ingredient in HemoFlo has been subject to significant human clinical trails confirming its efficacy and safety. Not only does HemoFlo increase the performance of these athletes, but it also allows them to compete with more enjoyment and safety.

“It was fantastic when we heard that we had an approved deal with the company to distribute HemoFlo in New Zealand and Australia. It's important that athletes in New Zealand and Australia have fast, convenient access to such a performance breakthrough. Arm Pump is a big issue, and when you can get rid of it, you can really take your riding to the next level,” explains Ryan Durry, who is leading the expansion. “We've received stock and are ready to ship.”

“We're proud of our breakthrough product HemoFlo and how it has helped so many athletes,” adds Stevenson. “We strive to help Action Sports athletes reach their performance potential on the track, snow and all terrains with products that cater to their every skill and need. Our partnership with Ryan and his network of contacts is key to satisfying the growing need for HemoFlo by Action Sports Athletes in Australia and New Zealand ”

For information or to purchase HemoFlo in Australia and New Zealand, contact Ryan Durry at