Lemoine (ACL) Talks About His Injury

February 21, 2013 11:55am

Pulpmx's Swizcore caught up with JAB Motorsports Matt Lemoine yesterday after it was confirmed Lemoine had torn his ACL in Dallas.

Swizcore: You got the news today, a torn ACL in Dallas. Go over what happened in the incident that lead to the injury.
Matt Lemoine: We did the first two practices and during the start of the second timed practice we were going over the finish-line. I had noticed they were watering the track and you know it was super hard packed this weekend; I just went up the finish line just like I normally would. Dungey was right in front of me and Broc Tickle was right behind me. Dungey got on the gas and I noticed he spun a lot but by that time I was already totally committed since I was right behind him and I just spun a lot and endo’d. I bailed off the bike to try and be clear of the landing and landed on both feet. I kind of just rolled off and I was like “well that wasn’t that bad”. Then I ran up to my bike and when I got to it, I put pressure on my right leg and knew it wasn’t normal. It pretty much ended right then.

It’s crazy how ligaments can respond to harsh impacts so well in some circumstances and others where the impact seems so standard, the damage is worse.
Yeah it’s crazy. I replayed the crash in my head a million times already and I’ll probably replay it another million in the next few months. I’ve taken so many harder crashes, even like Bell this weekend, for instance; it’s crazy. God has a plan for everybody and everything happens for a reason but it really just hasn’t registered to me yet. It was a crash that wasn’t even bad and it did this much damage but yet someone can completely fly off a jump and be fine. I guess when it’s your time to get hurt, it’s just your time to get hurt.

It sucks. I’ve been looking forward to racing so much and having so much fun with it. Now it’s like, “what am I gonna’ do with myself for the next couple months?”

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