Update on Ryan Hughes

February 20, 2013 9:00am

Last week former factory rider, national-winner and Team USA hero Ryan Hughes crashed while riding in Southern California. He broke his back in the crash, and has since undergone two surgeries. The good news is that he's expected to make a full recovery. We spotted an update on Ryan Hughes on Facebook, posted by his wife Jennifer...

Jennifer Hughes
Well it's almost been a week since Ryan's accident. As most of you know, he suffered a horrific crash last Wed which he was temporarily paralyzed from the neck down upon impact. He regained feeling and movement, only to have paralyzation happen again from the chest down that same evening as a hematoma enlarged on his spine. He had two surgeries; one to relieve the pressure on his spine and the second the next day to place rods and screws from T2-T7 in his back. Happy to say both surgeries went beautifully and he is expected to recover fully. They already have him up cruising the halls, but needless to say-it's going to be a very long road for Ryan. He's got an amazing will and is the strongest person I know, so I am not worried-he's going to be back and he'll be stronger than ever :) He's done with riding MX, but he will continue to teach and give back to the sport he loves most. Thank you to everyone for your heart-felt well-wishes, your prayers and the strength you have sent to our family. We are so blessed in so many ways!