Renegade Fuels Dallas Report

February 20, 2013 1:50pm

Arlington, TX - The eastern swing of the Monster Energy AMA Supercross championship got underway Saturday night in the Lone Star state, where 55,000 enthusiastic fans saw red, the same red we've seen since round 1 - on the number plate of Rockstar Suzuki fueled by Renegade ace Davi Millsaps. The night was full of mini triumphs and epic disappointments and though consistent, Millsap’s 450sx performance was anything but business as usual. Winning his heat race and pulling the hole-shot in the main, the 7th round's top qualifier and championship points leader battled the flu before battling the competition en route to the second step on the podium and continued championship lead. Yoshimura Suzuki fueled by Renegade's James Stewart has clearly returned to form as he posted his second consecutive heat win on the strength of good starts and smooth fast riding - but his night's momentum was quashed by a freak clutch failure that kept him from lining up for the main. Broc Tickle did line up for the main and continued adding to his consistent string of main top-10's on his Rockstar fueled by Renegade Suzuki.

Texas stadium also kicked-off the 250sx Monster Energy Supercross Eastern Region championship, where an all-new group of challengers did battle for rights to hold their championship's first lead. Rockstar Suzuki fueled by Renegade challenger Blake Wharton had his own challenges early on, missing out on the final transfer spot in his heat with a last turn fall. The 250sx standout fought back strong, taking the LCQ win in front of Honda rider and Renegade stable-mate Zack Bell; then just missing out on the hole-shot, he charged his way up to a second place in the main and the same spot in the 250sx Eastern Region championship. Honda fueled by Renegade riders Wil Hahn and Jimmy Decotis weathered the crash-filled 250sx heats to capture 'opener top 10's in the main and the championship standings.

Several Renegade fueled privateers also had outstanding outings in Texas, with Jimmy Decotis and Cole Thompson finishing 3rd and 4th respectively in heat race 1 and Vince Friese, Levi Kilbarger and Brad Ripple covering 2nd through 4th respectively in heat 2; in all, 50 percent of the combined 250sx and 450sx top-20 finishers were fueled by Renegade.


450SX Overall

1. Ryan Villopto Kaw

2. Davi Millsaps Suz/Renegade Racing Fuels

3. Ryan Dungey KTM

4. Chad Reed Hon

5. Justin Brayton Yam

6. Justin Barcia Hon

7. Trey Canard Hon

8. Matt Goerke KTM

9. Andrew Short Hon

10. Broc Tickle Suz/Renegade Racing Fuels

11. Weston Peick Suz/Renegade Racing Fuels

12. Mike Alessi Suz

13. Jimmy Albertson Hon/Renegade Racing Fuels

14. Bobby Kiniry Yam/Renegade Racing Fuels

15. Josh Hill Suz/Renegade Racing Fuels

16. Ben LaMay Yam/Renegade Racing Fuels

17. Justin Sipes Kaw

18. Kyle Partridge Hon/Renegade Racing Fuels

19. Chris Blose Yam

20. James Stewart Suz/Renegade Racing Fuels



250SX East Region Overall

1. Dean Wilson Kaw

2. Blake Wharton Suz/Renegade Racing Fuels

3. Wil Hahn Hon/Renegade Racing Fuels

4. Kyle Peters Hon

5. Justin Hill Kaw

6. Marvin Musquin KTM

7. Gavin Faith Hon

8. Jimmy Decotis Hon/Renegade Racing Fuels

9. Vince Friese Hon/Renegade Racing Fuels

10. Lance Vincent KTM

11. Jackson Richardson Hon/Renegade Racing Fuels

12. Mitchell Oldenburg Hon/Renegade Racing Fuels

13. Gareth Swanepoel Kaw

14. Levi Kilbarger Hon/Renegade Racing Fuels

15. Adam Gulley Kaw

16. Ryan Zimmer Hon/Renegade Racing Fuels

17. Cole Thompson Hon

18. Zach Bell Hon/Renegade Racing Fuels

19. Bradley Ripple KTM/Renegade Racing Fuels

20. Jesse Wentland KTM


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