Factory Connection Trackside Support

February 19, 2013 12:40pm
Factory Connection is pleased to announce their Trackside Support services
that will be available at the following tracks in Southern California during the next week.

Feb 20th  Milestone MX   Riverside CA  Open Practice
Feb 21st  Glen Helen MX  San Bernadino, CA  Open Practice
Feb 22nd  Pala, MX  Pala, CA  Open Practice
Feb 23rd  Competitive Edge  Hesperia, CA  Open Practice
Feb 24th  Competitive Edge  Hesperia, CA  Mammoth Qualifier
Feb 26th  Competitive Edge  Hesperia, CA  Open Practice

FREE bike set up and technical support is available to all riders. Factory Connection’s
experienced suspension professionals will be available for Rebuild Services,
Oil Change Services, Fork and Shock Spring changes and has FC Exclusive
performance parts on hand.

This is a great opportunity for any rider needing suspension tuning, set up, or
suspension service work! We will have a full compliment of parts and springs on hand to
assist most every model of current MX bikes from 65cc – 450cc!

For more information, please contact : 951-549-9526 fcwest@factoryconnection.com West location – 1761 California Ave Unit 102, Corona CA 92881 www.factoryconnection.com