Albers Re-Signs with Landmark Dodge

February 18, 2013 10:40am
Auston Albers Re-signs With Landmark Dodge and Speedfactory Cars

Auston Albers, # 212 rejoined the 450 supercross class in Dallas and has re-signed with Landmark Dodge Chrysler Jeep and Speedfactory of Morrow, Ga. This will be the second year the gearheads at Landmark and their skunk works Speedfactory outfit have supported Albers in his quest to climb the MX ladder. If your dealership has a V10 Challenger sitting in the middle of your showroom floor, I believe that classifies your group as a gearheads!

The president of Landmark is a former local motocrosser that is also behind the Speedfactory Cars. They will build you anything from a Stage 1, 475 hp naturally aspirated Hemi car up to a Stage 4, 700 HP supercharged Hemi car with  complete chassis, suspension, engine, brake and interior upgrades. Bottom line is if you need anything in the Chrysler lineup from a Dodge Dart to an earth moving Ram 5500 or even a Fiat 500 this is the place to go.  Not only that, these guys are all about the local community and helping where possible and in this case our “Project 212”.

This group at Landmark along with Earth Pro Land Surveying, Airport Truck Center, Murphy Clearing and Grading, American Pie Pizzeria of Thomaston, Suzuki Yamaha of Dalton, JM Racing, LeDoux Racing Designs and of course Gus the Godfather of the Privateers are all part of the Auston Albers "Project 212".

The real question is, can the guys at Speedfactory drop a Stage 4 Hemi in a Dart?