The Breakdown: Mindsets

The Breakdown Mindsets

February 12, 2013 2:40pm

This week I want to break down the 450 main event at different intervals and give my perspective on what was likely going through various riders’ heads at that moment. As the laps unfold during a race, strategies change and each rider has a completely viewpoint. I often times will put myself in each rider’s place and ask myself what would I do in this spot? What would my approach be? When I was racing, I felt like planning out such scenarios prepared me when the situation eventually took place in a race, and helped when having to make split second decisions.

But of course it’s always good to have some fun, so the last sentence of each may not be what they actually thought but who knows. Anyhoo, let’s take a look.

Lap 1

Davi Millsaps leads. Other contenders battling behind him.

Davi Millsaps (1st): I got the start, I have to sprint now and try to get a gap on everyone. SPRINT NOW!!! Who needs a factory bike anyway?

Ryan Dungey (6th): Not the best start but I can see Davi up front. I need to make quick passes and keep the leaders in check. This spring shock isn’t so bad.

Broc Tickle (3rd):  I finally got a good start! Yessss! Now what do I do?

Ryan Villopoto (8th): I HAVE to pass these guys quickly while we are bunched up. The track is hard to pass tonight so it has to be now! I should have taken the inside gate again.

Mike Alessi (15th): Where am I and who are all of these people in front of me?

"Can’t find room! Aohof$ja&eu#w!!!!!!!!!"
Simon Cudby photo

Lap 5

Chad Reed starts closing on Millsaps.

Chad Reed (2nd): Ok, good start and I am settled in. I am catching Davi a little, just keep the pace and get to his rear wheel. Don’t let Barcia get close enough to make a move. Dang I love San Diego!

James Stewart (5th): Just got by a few guys, starting to feel the flow. I have to put in some fast laps and get around Brayton before the leaders check out.

Ryan Villopoto (8th): Can’t find room! Aohof$ja&eu#w!!!!!!!!!

Matt Goerke (9th): I’m coming for you RV. Nothing is over!

Lap 10

Reed goes down, Justin Barcia tries to make a run for the win.

Davi Millsaps (1st): Halfway there. Whoever was in second behind me just went down. Just keep my lap times steady and we are solid.

Justin Barcia (2nd): Slowly catching Davi, just keep coming. Sooo sorry Chad fell, hehe.

Chad Reed (7th): Man down! #&%$!!!

Trey Canard (8th): Not a good start but I am reeling these guys in. Just maximize points.

Matt Goerke (13th): I hate crashing.

Kyle Partridge (18th): Can’t talk now, too busy breathing!

"Five more laps. Keep Bam Bam at bay."
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Lap 15

Millsaps and Barcia battle stabilizes.

Davi Millsaps (1st): Five more laps. Keep Bam Bam at bay.

Justin Barcia (2nd): I have to get closer! This dude in front of me is good.

Ryan Dungey (3rd): Podium is where we need to be. Gotta’ keep Villopoto behind me.

Ryan Villopoto (4th): #&%$!!!

Chad Reed (7th): This sucks.

Broc Tickle (11th): What the heck happened? RC and my dog are both going to be so mad at me.

Last lap

Millsaps looks to have this one.

Davi Millsaps (1st): Yessssssss!

Justin Barcia (2nd): Would have like to get that win but it’s way better than smashing myself.

James Stewart (4th): Not what I wanted but 20 solid laps and I am getting close now.

Chad Reed (5th): Not the end of the world but I let one go tonight. Keep building.

"My start was awful. I am better than 8th, I will show it at Dallas."
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Ryan Villopoto (6th): #&%$!!!

Justin Brayton (7th): Not a bad race but I could have finished better. Find the positives!

Trey Canard (8th): My start was awful. I am better than 8th, I will show it at Dallas.

Andrew Short (9th): I rode okay but passing was nearly impossible and everyone is so good now! I need to get some things off my mind and get down to racing.

Mike Alessi (10th): Bad start and I rode okay, I guess. When is Hangtown again?

Matt Goerke (12th): I should have been top ten tonight.