Seat Time Live at SMS Racing

February 12, 2013 2:45pm

Seat Time Live at SMS Racing this Tuesday

When Seat Time made it to our Tenth Episode, we celebrated by doing a show at SMS Racing in Denton, Texas with our friends Brian Storrie and crew. When SMS Racing started powering the Shea Racing Supercross Team last year, we revisited the crew at SMS for Episode 49 to meet the team and enjoy some bench racing before the Dallas Supercross. We will be keeping to that tradition by having a live show at SMS Racing, on Tuesday, February 12th, to meet the new riders, talk with Brian Storrie and enjoy a Pint Full of Awesome.

SMS Racing would like to invite all the North Texas Supercross fans to stop by the shop for the show. Creating an atmosphere in the pits at a race is one thing, but making sure the fans are prepped before the race is a whole different experience. We will be going live at 8pm Central Standard time, so please come prepared for a good time, but not too late as to disturb the awesomeness.

If you can not make it to Denton this evening, but would still like to take part in the awesome, please log on to and watch live! You can also join us in the chat room to converse with other viewers or bring up questions for the guests. We hope you can make it either way in a chance to enjoy a Pint Full of Awesome.

SMS Racing
3228 Fort Worth Drive
Suite B
Denton, TX 76205.