Swizcorner: San Diego

February 11, 2013 11:25am
here’s lots of discussion following last nights dominating win by Millsaps of “bandwagons”. That’s the way it goes people.

Everyone loves underdogs and when someone takes it upon themselves to dethrone the players most widely expected to click-off the wins and dominate the series; they are rewarded with praise and vocal support. It’s the same phenomenon which compels fans to wager, predict and boast. Everyone wants to say they saw something, they just knew the capacity of a racer. They want to lay claim to the credit for just knowing what could be and has come, to pass.

In relation to Davi Millsaps, the bandwagon theory is a bit of a misnomer. Davi has never actually owned, leased or rented a bandwagon in years past. Fans just came to expect that he didn’t possess the focus or motivation to make them look like the idiot-savants they strive for. So they steered clear and occupied more time-tested bandwagons.

As we round the turn on the first 1/3 of this 2013 series, though, and Davi blazes the path to a dominating victory, you’d be silly to not climb on board. Especially with the continued miss-steps by Chad Reed, Ryan Villopoto, James Stewart and anyone else you predicted, wagered or boasted would be running this show, at 6 rounds in.

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