MXD Moto App & Click Mount

January 30, 2013 11:15am

Irvine, CA., - MX Development Labs (MXD Labs), announces the launch of its new MXD Moto App & Click Mount.

MX Development Labs has introduced the MXD Moto App for the iPhone offering motorcycle enthusiasts the ability to improve their experience of thesport. When using the MXD Moto App, users can easily record critical riding data and share it with friends, family and sponsors. Leveraging the built in GPS capabilities of the iPhone, the MXD Moto App will track riding data including: number of laps; lap times; fastest and slowest lap time; fast/slow difference; total time; total distance; number of motos; and daily averages. The app also allows the user to enter notes; race results; bike settings; number of starts; track details; and the ability to view track layouts. "Users now have technology the race teams have used for years right on their iPhones, but at only a fraction of the cost,” said MX Development Labs Product Consultant Chris Wheeler.

This app will definitely change how riders will engage with the sport by allowing riders the ability to easily view all the data from a day of riding. Best of all, they can share it through social channels like Facebook to further bench race with friends! The MXDMoto App is available as a free download on the Apple iTunes store.

The MXD Moto App now available on the App store FREE

The MXD Labs Click Mount is a protective case designed to give motorcycle riders the ability to safely and securely carry their iPhones while using the MXD Moto App during rides. Designed to protect from dirt, mud, sand, roost, rocks, impacts, and vibration, the Click Mount attaches to the fork tube behind the front number plate and the case clicks in and out of the mount while allowing the MXD Moto App to do its job. The Click Mount is built using polycarbonate material for strength and thermoplastic polyurethane for shock and vibration dampening. The Click Mount by MXD Labs works with the iPhone 4, 4s, and iPhone 5.

MSRP for the Click Mount is $49.95.

About MX Development Labs
The mission of MX Development Labs is to provide the motocross and off road community with innovative and intuitive products and services that improve the enthusiast experience of the sport.

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