Horton Racing Amateur Team Announced

January 30, 2013 10:05am

David Horton of Horton Racing is happy to announce that he is now fielding a three-man amateur race team.  "Our race team will consist of three up-and-coming amateur racers, team manager Ed Torrance, and myself,"  states Horton.

2013 Horton Racing Athletes

John Short- A Class

Henry Miller- B Class

Cody Williams- B Class

David Horton is a long standing advocate of motocross. Starting out young, Horton was always involved in riding, helping and promoting the sport. With this team Horton aims to help these riders move to the next level of their career. "With the support and encouragement of the Horton Racing family, we plan to have a great year with a great team," claims Horton.

Team Manager Ed Torrance is slated to attend all nationals with the team's riders.  A prominent member of the motocross industry,  Ed is often a driving force for his riders and team members.  David Horton tells of Torrance, "As a great team manager and professional mechanic, Ed will be a valuable asset for the team this year."

Horton Racing would like to thank the following sponsors:

Granbury Motorsprots, AXO, Bell, Speed Graffix, Pro Circuit, Smith, Renthal, RK Excel, Maxima, Motion Pro, Hinson, Dunlop, Works Connection, Twin Air, Boyesen, UFO, MX Sol