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Pulpmx: Biggest SX Upset Wins

If there is one thing that sports fans can agree on, it is that we all love an upset. Unless you are just a blind homer, watching a rider or team that everyone has written off pull out a shocking victory is one of the greatest moments in sports. It doesn’t matter if it's the 1981 US MXDN team, or the ’68 Jets; America loves an underdog.

Surprisingly, unlike most other major sports, Supercross has traditionally been rather predictable. Most years, there are one or two top riders who hog all the champagne and race wins, while the rest of the pack fights over the scraps. If we are lucky, you might get a third or fourth rider in the mix, but that is usually an anomaly. While every year might start out with a ton of promise, by round three it is usually very clear who the players are. In Supercross, there are rarely any upsets, and seldom any truly shocking results.

Perhaps because Supercross is such an individual sport, major turnarounds are rare. Unlike team sports, you can’t draft a superstar or snag a free agent to reinvent your program. In Supercross, it is all on you. Because of that, there are seldom any Miracle Mets or worst-to-first stories to tell. Whether it is because of injuries, or just the mental strain of getting beat down week after week, in our sport, guys rarely go from getting smoked to kissing trophy girls....


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