JDR KTM Team Shutting Down After Supercross

January 22, 2013 1:30pm | by:

Racer X's Steve Matthes got a tip that the J-Star/JDR KTM team could be closing its doors soon, and he put in a call to Team Manager Nathan Ramsey to get confirmation. Unfortunately, Ramsey did confirm the bad news -- unless the JDR team is able to find a large additional sponsor, they will soon be forced to close the doors.

The team will compete to the end of this Monster Energy Supercross season with Malcolm Stewart, Joey Savatgy and Josh Cachia. But the team was scheduled to race the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship as well, and the team will now not be able to continue beyond the Vegas SX finale in May. We have heard that the team's budget issues do not come from sponsorship troubles, but rather from its original investors, who have had investment troubles elsewhere and are no longer able to fund the racing effort. Obviously, if a high dollar sponsor were to swoop in and take up the slack, JDR could continue to race, and Ramsey says they would welcome that opportunity.

We'll carry on with additional updates as they come in.