American Suzuki backs the 956 Invitational

January 18, 2013 1:00pm
ANAHEIM, Calif., – it was announced that American Suzuki will support the 956 Invitational race January 25 through January 27, 2013 at Glen Helen Raceway in San Bernardino, CA by offering contingency to eligible Suzuki racers.

Amateur Support Manager Pat Alexander has a great history in supporting amateur racing and the 956 Invitational team of Jerry Masterpool and Cole Gress would like to thank American Suzuki for supporting this race.

Stay tuned for complete details.

For further details and registration for this exciting event! Please log on to to sign up today.

About 956 Invitational:
Developed to take a fresh and responsible approach to amateur racing, the 956 Invitational team has a deep passion for providing amateur racers and their families the safest and most challenging race course imaginable. 956 Team: Jerry Masterpool, 30 plus years experience in professional multi sport, Olympic coach, trained worldwide, Japan, Asia, Europe, Eastern block countries as well as his home in America. Jerry has spent the last 15 years engrossed in the world of amateur motocross and has built tracks and trained some of the elite amateur and pro racers. With close to 25 years of amateur racing experience and 15 years of working on the front lines of American Suzuki and Kawasaki's Team Green amateur race programs, Cole Gress has managed the World’s best young athletes and helped mold some of the greatest Amateur events.