Renegade Fuels Phoenix Report

January 15, 2013 10:45am
At round 2 of the AMA Monster Energy Supercross, held at Chase Field in Phoenix AZ, it would again provide some of the best racing and stacked fields we have seen in years. The 450 and the 250 class is stacked so deep that we are seeing top name riders fight for a qualifying spot into the main event. With a field stacked so deep with talent, riders are looking for every advantage and performance edge they can find to help secure that top position to move on to the night program and lock down some valuable points in the main event. When it comes to fuel, Renegade provides just that, the performance that top teams and riders are looking for and rely on to help them secure the best possible results. Renegade Racing Fuels would come into round 2 carrying the red plate in both the 250 and the 450 class with riders Eli Tomac and Davi Millsaps. As the night would unfold at Chase Field, the great racing would once again prove that the field of talent is so deep that you are going to need to put together a solid race from the start to the very last lap. Davi Millsaps would do just that, he ran consistently towards the front all night and with other riders making some mistakes he would finish 3rd and still hold on to the overall points lead. Eli Tomac would again ride in commanding fashion. Tomac will also continue to carry the points lead and the red number plate into round 3.


Renegade would see the following riders put in some very solid result at round 2 in Phoenix.

450SX Overall

1. Justin Barcia Hon

2. Ryan Villopoto Kaw

3. Davi Millsaps Suz/Renegade Racing Fuels

4. Chad Reed Hon

5. Trey Canard Hon

6. Jake Weimer Kaw

7. James Stewart Suz/Renegade Racing Fuels

8. Ryan Dungey KTM

9. Andrew Short Hon

10. Josh Grant Yam

11. Kevin Windham Hon/Renegade Racing Fuels

12. Broc Tickle Suz/Renegade Racing Fuels

13. Kyle Chisholm Yam/Renegade Racing Fuels

14. Weston Peick Suz/Renegade Racing Fuels

15. Justin Brayton Yam

16. Matt Lemoine Kaw/Renegade Racing Fuels

17. Matt Goerke KTM

18. Vince Friese Hon

19. Jimmy Albertson Hon/Renegade Racing Fuels

20. Mike Alessi Suz


250SX Overall

1. Eli Tomac Hon/Renegade Racing Fuels

2. Ken Roczen KTM

3. Martin Davalos Kaw

4. Cole Seely Hon

5. Jessy Nelson Hon

6. Zach Osborne Hon/Renegade Racing Fuels

7. Ryan Sipes Suz/Renegade Racing Fuels

8. Kyle Cunningham Yam/Renegade Racing Fuels

9. Joey Savatgy KTM

10. Christian Craig Hon

11. Max Anstie Suz

12. Tyla Rattray Kaw

13. Austin Politelli Hon/Renegade Racing Fuels

14. Josh Cachia KTM

15. Travis Bright Hon

16. Trevor Reis Hon

17. Michael Leib Hon/Renegade Racing Fuels

18. Malcolm Stewart KTM

19. Topher Ingalls Hon

20. Jake Canada Hon


For more information on the Renegade products you can go to and to learn how you can become a dealer for the fuel used by the top pro teams you can contact Mark Ticen, Renegade Fuels Powersport Director, at . Be sure to follow Mark on Twitter for all Renegade Powersports updates and events