Swizcorner: Phoenix

January 14, 2013 9:00am

First things first, everyone keep Nick Paluzzi in your positive thoughts and prayers. Being strapped to a backboard is never a good sign, even when it's precautionary.

I was absolutely certain we would see Martin Davalos on a backboard as well following his Supercross “highlight reel” ejection in his heat race. That was scary! For all the crashes we see which result in injury and leave us asking, “What happened?” This one was plain as day. Martin simply came up short, soaked up the face and was preloaded then ejected into inverted flight. Man did he get lucky! If he were three inches lower, he would have caught the inside face of the bowl turn with his dome and who knows what we’d be talking about. Instead, Davalos shocked everyone by not only walking unassisted down the tunnel, he continued racing throughout the night.

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