Swizcorner: Anaheim 1

January 7, 2013 1:20pm

Not since the Mayans just over two weeks ago has a collective group of people been so wrong following the absolute stunner of an underdog win at Anaheim 1 of 2013.

First things first, I can’t possibly overstate how much of a home-run FELD’s new three hours of online pre-race coverage is for us. For a longtime now we have been inundated with what has become a baseless comparison to NASCAR as a sport and finally, with this three-hour block of essentially “live qualifying” coverage (albeit online), there is finally some substance to the comparison.

If you’re a tech-savvy fan of the sport, you can go the extra mile and get this live coverage up on the big screen in your man-cave and be truly in moto-heaven. Honestly, I found myself thinking a few times, “man, aside from missing the comedy of Nick Wey, the shit-talk of JT and the moto-fact ping pong going on between Weege and Matthes, this beats any Press Box seat I’ve had. There is one big exception which makes actually being there ultra-valuable and that is obviously being able to focus on what you want and not merely where the camera is pointed. And that’s a big one, as was the case in the 450 LCQ when Hanny apparently punted some guy long after he had crashed himself out of contention. “Being there” has it’s drawbacks (not as comfortable as home, traffic, $$, social-anxiety…) but none of them could ever trump being in control of what you are ingesting with your eyeballs.

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