Rev Up: Wish List

Rev Up Wish List

December 20, 2012 12:15pm

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the Rev Up. With Christmas just days away everyone reading has been asked what they want. It seems that question gets harder the older you get, at least to me. Hell, I don’t know, what I need is socks. That is the most realistic and useful gift I think of. As far as unrealistic gifts go, I suppose it would be Broc Tickle’s set up on the cover of the newest Racer X Illustrated. I would go up to Santa at the mall, prop my bony rear on his leg and show him that snap of #20. Yep, that would be the business. I’m getting older but I still daydream about that kind of stuff. If there were no bills, no full-time job, and all of that adult crap to deal with it would most definitely be that particular factory 2013 RM-Z450 and the helmet, gear, and boot ensemble. That one.

The photos from the practice and test tracks have been pouring in and there is some super sick stuff out there. I really like Eli Tomac’s GEICO Honda set up. The big black and white #1 on the CRF with the clean gear combo looks full race attack. Nothing really flexes intimidation like running a #1 plate, but carrying it simple, bold, and clean is straight shadow boxing. Eli has grown another foot it seems as well. If I was going for the title in his class, I’d be nervous when he rolls out for the first lap of practice with that flow. He’s going to be spooky fast in supercross this year, which doesn’t make his look any less bad ass.

Eli looks bigger than ever, and his #1 is the big target. But it will take something special to rip it away from him.
Simon Cudby photo

There hasn’t been a lot of shots of James Stewart’s 2013 look, but what little I’ve seen of his factory Suzuki and new gear combo looks strong. I’ve always loved gold rims on 'zooks, and I hope to see them sparkling under the lights at Anaheim 1. He’s had some busy looking gear the last couple of years but the new stuff flows better to me. The red and yellow looks mean on the yellow bike. James’ riding style would look good wearing a set of that cowhide LBZ stuff and a bullet head visor, though. You can pick him out of a pack in about three turns. He looks exceptional on the Suzuki and I’m sure there are a lot of folks that would want his set up in their ideal Santa request.

The Pro Circuit guys always look unique and I’ve always applauded their team appearance. I noticed they threw a lot of blue into the familiar black and green and I’m on board with it. The blue hubs and hits throughout the gear combo are a fresh change. Then there is that Kawasaki 250F that Mitch put the tricks too. That aspect made this set up the runner up on my wish list. I suppose if I had a year to practice, qualified for Loretta Lynn’s in 2013 and got to chose one machine in the world to race the +35 class with it would be that bike. I could bang holy from the inside and last 20 minutes on that bike. I mean, in my dreams of course.

Traces of blue within the gear and graphics on those PC machines match up with hard part details on the bikes.
Monster Energy ProCircuit Kawasaki photo

I just saw the JGR photo shoot clip on and their stuff looks the best in their team history. Coy Gibbs, Jeremy Albrecht, and Spencer Bloomer don’t mess around. Their 2013 Yamaha 450 looks mega trick and probably pushes the envelope on the production rule harder than everyone. I think it’s a joke that works bikes aren’t allowed, anyways. The big boys should have works bikes in 450 Supercross if you ask me. A team with the resources JGR has could really create something special, which they kind of already are, within the rules. Josh Grant and Justin Brayton’s blue and white gear flows with the machine and they’ll be salty come Anaheim 1. Who has the JGR combo on their list?

The KTM guys look really cool, and its one of the biggest feats in motocross history with what they’ve done with that bike. Like the JGR steeds, the Katooms mimic a true works ride and Ryan Dungey’s 450 is a piece of art. Meanwhile the 250’s that Ken Roczen and Marvin Musquin ride could argue for class supremacy. They've got all-new motors in those 250s and they're said to be mega fast. Aided by Jeffrey Herling’s World Championship winning input, those orange tiddler machines will be nasty in ‘13. Would anyone hand Santa an orange and a Red Bull as they made their request?

The factory Honda combos of Chad Reed, Andrew Short (kinda factory) and Trey Canard all look great and are the admiration of a vast amount of fans. They’re the “scrub generation” bikes, and there has always been something about HRC equipment. Ryan Villopoto’s KX450 title belt wearer look is sweet, and there is a dozen other teams looking good....

The RCH setup is Bowyer's favorite. What's yours?
Cudby photo

The top of my wish list is the 2013 RCH Suzuki with Tickle’s gear. I think the factory Suzukis are the best bikes on the track right now, the perfect ratio of “race” and “cool” sits under that awning. Becoming that mode on a perfectly groomed outdoor track is what floats across the clouds in my head when I think about an ideal/unrealistic Christmas wish. Oh, man. That one, Santa.

But, what I really need are some socks.

It’s that time a year again, friends. Gifts and wish lists aren’t important, being with your family and enjoying some moments of harmony is what Christmas means to me. One of my favorite gifts is getting to write to you guys, and I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas.