Grant, Partridge, Ping on DMXS Radio Tonight

December 12, 2012 1:30pm
JGR’s Josh Grant is back with his former team and ready for a healthy start to the quickly approaching supercross season.  JG has fought through some serious consecutive injuries to reposition himself to make a serious run in 2013 with the formidable NC based Yamaha team.  We’ve covered Josh throughout his entire professional career and look forward to seeing this talented kid back in contention.

Kyle Partridge is training and preparing for Anaheim 1, but the longtime racer is pretty much doing it all on his own except for some loyal friends and sponsors that have been there from the beginning.  Kyle is more determined than ever and we’ll get the latest on his effort as he goes “all in” and bets on himself for 2013.

Racer X’s David Pingree is in high demand these days and we’re lucky to secure a little of his valuable time tonight before his volunteer shift as Santa at the local mall.  Can you just imagine what he’s going to say to those kids?

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