XMas Countdown: Day 25+2

XMas Countdown: Day 25+2


As far as backyard racing is concerned, you need every advantage you can get in the power department. Of course, there’s no better way to gain an edge than with a high quality exhaust system like the Mini Factory 4.1. Utilizing technology that we’ve developed on big bikes, this little system equals big results out on the track.

- Compatible with both stock and modified motors

- Boost horsepower at every RPM

- Titanium canister with formed titanium end caps

- The ultimate mini moto exhaust

- Available for most major playbikes

- Advanced design for painless repacking

- Spark arrestor or QuietCore spark arrestor inserts available

$299.99 (Titanium Muffler/ Stainless Header)


Öhlins TTX22 Cartridge Kit for MX Air-Spring Forks

Breathe air, don’t ride on it, with an Öhlins upgrade Cartridge Kit replacing the OEM MX air-spring fork internals. The Öhlins TTX22 Fork Cartridge Kit is designed to fit directly into the latest MX motorcycle air-spring fork legs, providing renewed control and feel. The MX TTX22 Fork Cartridge Kit is based on TTX twin-tube technology. The gas pressurized dividing-piston design is cavitation free.

The Kit features an 8mm steel hollow piston rod, 22mm main piston, and fully adjustable and segregated damping. Springs are ordered separately. MSRP $1,300.00 www.ohlinsusa.com; 800-336-9029.