MotoFaith Clothing Launches Website

November 27, 2012 1:30pm

MotoFaith Clothing is proud to announce the launch of their website and new product line for the Motocross and Supercross lifestyle. MotoFaith is based on the belief that everyone that lines up at the starting line needs a little extra help out there.

Our Product line is small with 2 shirts, One Hoody, Sick Watches and a Jacket.. The MotoFaith watches are cool, the bands are interchangeable and better then that, every watch that we sell 10% goes to a different charity.

Cyber Monday is open all week and the first 50 people to by our Cyber Monday kit will recieve a free MotoFaith Jacket.

So check it out!!

Also Sponshorship is open right now.. So jet hooked up!

About MotoFaith Clothing:
We are a group of motocross racers that have done this our whole lives. We have worked hard at our careers and with a lot of hard work and faith we have been successful. We started this out of a passion for the sport and each and everyone of us have said a prayer or two on the line. So Welcome to MotoFaith Clothing we are sure it is going to be a huge success and do you know why? ….. We have Faith..