AMP MX in GA Closes Down

November 26, 2012 10:05am

This was posted on the ampMX Facebook page:

It is with a heavy heart that I write this and something I never imagined I would have to do, but as of Tuesday, November 20th, ampMX has closed its doors. We made a big splash back at the end of 2009 when we first opened and we have rode that wave as it grew for the past few years and I personally have enjoyed meeting all of the riders and families and appreciate all of the support SO MANY of you gave us during our time. I know this is going to be HUGE surprise to most of you and there will be many questions as to why, but unfortunately there are some factors that just can't be explained publicly....and even some that I, myself, do not even know. From me, Matt Shue, and my family, as well as the owner and his family....and all of the folks behind the scenes that made all we did possible; we want to say THANK YOU for a great 3 years and give you all an APOLOGY for leaving what seems to be a large hole in our local MX community now.

The staff and I have tried our best over the past few months to keep this from happening, but as many of you know, the business of running a motocross track is tough. We did not open up for any of our recent practices or races knowing that they would be the last one and I wish we had a chance to enjoy a day of riding at ampMX and shake hands as we bid farewell to what many of you felt was the best track around, but unfortunately, that is not possible and for that, I apologize.

This page will be left up for now, so please feel free to leave your comments and messages. I do not have any plans as of yet or a direction I am personally going, but I am sure I will see you all again at some point at a track and maybe now I will be in my gear a little more often!! 

In closing, we want to once again give a BIG THANKS to all of you that have made ampMX possible for as long as it was, from all of our riders to all of you that have worked our events and gave a helping hand in any way. On behalf of me, my family and the whole rest of the ampMX family, we APPRECIATE YOU MORE THAN YOU KNOW.