Jantz Grodzicki Update

November 24, 2012 11:55am
"This is Chris, Jantz's dad... I wanted to first thank everyone for the heartfelt prayers for Jantz. I need to ask everyone the favor of including Jantz in your prayers as we move through this painful journey. Jantz sustained a devastating brain cell and spinal cord injury. He was wearing a layete brace and shoei helmet. We left the hospital last night with zero hope from the doctors of his survival chances. His heart stopped at the track and he was pronounced brain dead at the hospital with no response. He was however put on life support until we decided on the options available that I hope none if you ever half to face. A short while ago we received a call from the doctor that a miracle took place this morning at 6:30am that Jantz's "condition has changed significantly" he is responding to eye commands, left to right, up and down and raise your eyebrows. Still no other responses other than this. Given what we were told this is truely a miracle. The thoughts and prayers shared here and on Facebook are what have helped him to make a move off the line. The race for recovery is just beginning and we can only pray that God will pull him through. May god bless each of you and your families. The Grodzicki Family...."