Pit Posse Announces Sponsorships

November 20, 2012 4:15pm
At realMotocross we believe that hooking up riders with sponsors is key to our sport. Making racing more affordable for riders and providing greater visibility for their products and services, it’s a team effort.

We are proud to announce that Pit Posse has joined the many fine companies that sponsor racers on realMotocross. We took a minute to speak with Barrett Smith from Pit Posse about what they offer…

RMX: When was Pit Posse established and where are you located? 

PP: Pit Posse started in 2002.  We are located in St Petersburg, Florida and we have a warehouse in Hickory, North Carolina.

RMX: What is your core product or most popular line of products?

PP: We have several different products ranging from trailer, garage and shop accessories to tools and bike accessories.

RMX: Who are some of the top riders you sponsor and their accomplishments? 

PP: Trey Canard, Justin Barcia, Cooper Webb, Jessy Nelson, Dakota Alix, Zach Freeburg, Zach and Chase Bell, Christina Older, Andrew Pierce, and Lance Kobusc. (Most people familiar with the sport know at least one of these riders! - Ed.)

RMX: Who runs the rider support/sponsorship division and what is their contact info (email)?

PP: Barrett Smith - email: barrett@pitposse.com

RMX: Why does Pit Posse want to sponsor riders? 

PP: Because we support the sport. We feel that amateur motocross is the core and heart of our sport.

RMX: What can riders expect from sponsorship with Pit Posse? 

PP: Whether you are a pro or a weekend warrior racing a beginner class, there is room for you on the Posse. We are looking for someone who shows a good racing attitude and promotes our company at their best and to show a positive look on everything with a clean racing image. 

Racers - See how to get sponsored by Pit Posse – visit the Pit Posse Page on realMotocross and look for the "Get Sponsored" button...