Matt Sheafor Needs Your Help

November 20, 2012 4:10pm
"My name is Matt Sheafor. I've raced motocross professionally for 4 years. While I've had decent success finishing in the top 20 at Outdoor Nationals, 2013 will mark a new journey in my career as I race East Coast Supercross Lites. As you can probably imagine it’s not cheap for me to travel the country.

I’m asking for each of my facebook friends, twitter, and instagram followers to donate $10 by clicking the PayPal link below. If all 1,427 of you donated that would give me $14,270. This will allow me to:

  • Purchase a race bike
  • Train at Georgia Practice Facility
  • Attend all 8 East Coast Supercross Lites rounds
  • Purchase mod parts for my race bike
  • Race at select outdoor National events

For those of you that know me you know the talent and passion I have for racing motocross. Your help would truly make a lifelong dream for me come true.



There's a paypal link set up on Matt's website at