Mini O's Preview

November 18, 2012 9:35pm | by:

The Mini O's has started even though the racing doesn't start until Monday, but the people running the gate said they expect around 5000 entries. Thousands of people with massive setups have occupied and filled almost every parking spot in the whole facility. The tracks are prepped to perfection, food stands are open, neat displays like bull riding, Traxxis RC cars, and almost every motocross related vendor you can think of are set up. But Lazy Days RV's steals the show with a massive fleet of RV's on display, open to the public. Lots of older pros like Mad Mike Jones and Troy Adams, have been spotted helping out younger riders and the factories brought the semi's loaded with bikes.

The pits are crazy with pit bikes, golf carts, and mules going in every direction, non-stop and everyone seems to be having a fun time or running around working. There are bands and events planned for every night and its hard to believe that this is just the beginning, with the amount of excitement going on all day and night. The talk around the pits is about Jordan Smith, Alex Rodriguez, Shane McElrath, Zach Bishop-Burnett, Cooper Webb, and Adam Cianciarulo. Racing starts first thing Monday morning on the Supercross track, the whoops look intense and there is huge jump sections. The weather is absolutely perfect, but it's Florida and can change at any moment.....

Track Preview