LaRocco Hill and more on DMXS Radio Tonight

November 7, 2012 12:00pm


LaRocco – Hill – BROtocross – Williams – DiRenzo – Redmann on DMXS Radio Tonight!

GEICO’s Mike LaRocco was both feared and respected as a competitor throughout his impressive career on the bike, and the man of few words did all his talking on the track.  There is no surprise that he is an integral part of the powerhouse team that now consistently challenges for championships every season.  We’ll get the latest on their 2013 effort as Anaheim quickly approaches.

There’s no doubt that RCH’s Josh Hill has been a favorite of the show since we first watched him buzz around Loretta’s on mini bikes.  Josh has had his share of ups and downs over the last few years but we couldn’t be happier that he’s back healthy and ready to race once again.  We’ll catch up with Josh after another long day of testing with his formidable new team.

EZ from has a loyal and faithful fan base that enjoys his honest and unique perspective on the sport where nothing is off limits……..and that is just what people click on everyday to see.  In the mind numbing world of politically correct coverage, it’s nice to be reminded that freedom of speech is still protected here in ‘Merica.

Vurb Moto’s Wes Williams and his crew have put the final touches on the Red Bull Loretta Lynn’s MX show that will air on the CBS Sports channel this Sunday at 4pm EST. Wes is truly a motocross ninja nomad, even in the offseason.  You never know where he will be, but he’s never far away when you need him. I guess he’s like a superhero that fights crime with his million dollar camera and then gets drunk, especially in Vegas.

EFA’s Greg DiRenzo is one of our crew from New Jersey that was impacted by Hurricane Sandy last week with another kick to the nuts storm hitting today.  We wanted to wish all our northeast brothers well and get Greg on for the latest from the storm ravaged Garden State. This will be a long clean up so remember these folks when the media moves and reach out and help when and where you can.

We’ve all been with our friends out riding when the inevitable challenge is thrown out there, “I bet you can’t climb that.” There’s a damn good reason that a hill climb was the last scene in the epic Winners Take All movie.  Nate Redmann is the 4X Xtreme Class champion and will join us tonight to talk about his latest title.  We also tried to get some of those crazy SOB’s that catch the bike at the top with the razorblade studded tire spinning at 15,000 rpm, but none survived the season.

DMXS Radio will be at the Palmetto Motorsports Complex SX/MX Challenge this weekend for their huge race that will be offering a $10,000 pro purse.  Check out for more info.  See ya there!

Check out Ebay for Ricky Carmichael’s Pro Circuit-built RM-Z 450 from Loretta Lynn’s that is being auctioned off for charity.  Just search “Ricky Carmichael RMZ” for the listing of this usually unobtainable work of machinery!

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