JDay Off-Road Rd 14

October 26, 2012 10:10am

Film: Ben Gustavson

With the fall foliage in full effect, the Berkshires provided not only a beautiful atmosphere, but mystical riding conditions.  The Mohawk had all of the best Off Road ingredients, including tacky trails, loamy grass tracks and plenty of spectator spots.

In the first moto, Johnny G pulled the holeshot sporting his brand new #1 plate. Johnny put his head down and showed everyone exactly why he is the new 2012 J Day Off Road Champion. 
Johnny checked out and eventually finished the race with a 1 minute lead.  Jason Connell came out swinging and held onto the number 2 spot until the final lap when KTM’s Jason Klammer put the hammer down.  Both Klammer and Connell held there 2 strokes pinned in the riverside mud section, but Klammer made the pass and finished with a blistering fast last lap putting him in 2nd.  Connell held on for 3rd, Bob Santheson 4th and Dillan Garmley put his KTM 4stroke in the 5th position.

In the second Moto, Johnny G took the STS Motor-sports Holeshot award on his YZ 250.  This time NETRA Champion Jason Klammer also had a great start and latched onto Girroir’s rear wheel. Klammer and Girroir were hanging loose through the J Day woods and gave the spectators a great show. Jason gave Johnny a run for his money but was never able to make the pass.  Johnny would take the win and Klammer would finish close behind in 2nd.  Once again, Connell finished third right in front of Josh Cenammo and Jared Boothroyd.  That would make 4 out of the top 5 riders on YZ 250 2strokes!  Another impressive ride went to Thomas Pierce out of the A 250 Class.  Not only did he win his class he finished 4th overall and only 8 seconds back from 3rd!

Overall Johnny Girrior took his 12th overall Victory.  Second went to Jason Klammer on his KTM 300 and for the first time Jason Connell landed on the podium in 3rd!  Fourth went to Jared Boothroyd and 5th Dillan Garmley.


1. Johnny Girroir Yam

2. Jason Klammer KTM

3.  Jason Connell Yam

4. Thomas Pierce KTM (A 250)

5. Jared Boothroyd YAM

6. Dillan Garmley KTM

7.  Scotty Decosta SUZ

8.  Brendan Riordan KTM

9.  Bob Santheson KAW

10.  Josh Cenammo Yam