Racer X Tested: ONE  Industries Vapor Pant

Racer X Tested ONE Industries Vapor Pant

October 24, 2012 1:00pm
Factory teams are constantly trying to make their bikes lighter. Lighter foot pegs, lighter bolts, lighter spindles, anything to save a few ounces. But what about saving weight on the gear you wear?

ONE Industries have produced a revolutionary new moto pant that weighs in at under 1lb. When you think that the average moto pant weighs 2-3lbs, that is quite a lot of weight saving. There has been a lot of buzz about this product around the industry and we at Racer X were excited to try out the pant and see what all the fuss is about.

The pant is made from lightweight moisture wicking stretch poly body fabric and has minimal panels. There are no TPR patches on the pant and the waist closure is a simple velcro clasp. When I first put the pants on, it was immediately apparent how much freedom they give you to move around. A lot of people have said this already, but it really does feel like you're wearing a pair of board shorts over your knee braces. Definitely a weird feeling after years and years of wearing traditional motocross pants.


So, how does the pant perform? I chose the Racer X 250F Shootout to try the pant as I knew it was going to be a long day of riding and I would have the pants on for a full day. The pant fit over my braces no problem and sit at a nice height on your calve. When I did up the velcro clasp I have to admit I did wonder if it would stay done up whilst motoing. With the traditional ratchet clasp on most moto pants that is never a concern. As soon as I hit the track I definitely felt less restricted than I would wearing a normal moto pant. The Vapor pant feels like it's not even there allowing you to move around the motorcycle with ease. Not that most moto pants restrict you that much, but the extra freedom provided by the Vapor pant was definitely noticeable right off the bat.

After my first session I noticed that the pant had been pulled down slightly at the back, but the velcro clasp was still fastened which was a good sign. For the next session I made sure the clasp was a done up a little snugger and I made the velcro side adjusters tighter which eliminated this problem. It's worth noting that I'm pretty skinny (I wear a size 30" moto pant) and this is also a problem I have with other moto pants from time to time.

Langers in the new ONE Industries Vapor pant.
BrownDogWilson photo

As the day wore on, I really started to appreciate the lightness of the pant. Other than the benefits of a lighter, less restrictive pant when actually riding, moving from bike to bike, walking around, and just hanging out in between motos was also where you feel the Vapor Pants features come into play.

Conclusion: You need to decide what you want to get out of a moto pant. The Vapor pant perhaps doesn't provide as much protection as a pant with strategically placed TPR patches, but the benefits of a pant that weighs less than 1lb may be enough for you to put that aside (after all, there aren't many riders who buy moto pants based on how much protection they give you). The other thing that may halt a few potential buyers in their tracks is the price tag. At $185 the Vapor pant definitely isn't cheap, but, think how much you would have to spend to save 2lbs of weight on your motorcycle. The weight saving aside, by the end of the day I was thoroughly impressed with the Vapor Pants performance. Not to mention the look of the pant—great graphics and bright colors assure you will be noticed on the track. It's good to see companies like ONE Industries pushing the boundaries of design and function of motocross gear and I'm sure we will see other brands following suit with similar minimalist gear.

Check out www.oneindustries.com for more info